Welcome to Jacoline Scott Physiotherapists Inc.

Jacoline Scott Physiotherapists is a registered physiotherapy practice based in Sasolburg in the Vaal Triangle. Our practice is accredited by the South African Society of Physiotherapy since November 2014. Our vision is to be one of South Africa’s leading physiotherapy practices by offering thorough assessment, hands-on treatment and appropriate rehabilitation to our patients in order to return to maximal function in their everyday activities.

Private Treatment Rooms

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, please ensure that you arrive by appointment only, wear a mask and if possible, attend your session without a partner. Also practice proper hygiene measures and observe social distancing. Should you have flu-like symptoms eg. cough, shortness of breath and fever, do not come to the practice. Please contact your GP or phone the Coronavirus National Hotline at 0800029999.

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We strive to render a dynamic and professional service of excellence in physiotherapy through knowledge and technology. Our special interests include sports and orthopedic treatment, pulmonology, geriatrics and rehabilitation. We also treat a wide variety of conditions including back and neck pain/injuries, joint and muscle injuries, jaw joint disorders (temperomandibular joint – TMJ), pregnant and breastfeeding women, postnatal conditions, headaches, sinusitis and chest (respiratory) conditions.

Our treatment consists of the utilization of a variety of treatment modalities, this includes- myofascial release and manual therapy (a variety of mobilization techniques), dry needling, electrotherapy modalities (including electric stimulation currents, ultrasound, laser, light therapy, shockwave therapy), taping techniques (including Leuko, Kinesio and Dynamic taping) as well as provide rehabilitation and exercise prescription in our on-site gymnasium. Our practice also offers the services of an in-house biokinetisist.

We treat medical aid and private patients as well as selected patients injured at work (Compensation Commissioner / WCA claims). The following work injured patients are treated funded by: Compensation Commissioner, Rand Mutual Assurance Company, Federated Employers’ Mutual Assurance Company and South African Police Service.  Your claim is submitted to your medical aid electronically by our practice on your behalf, should they accept EDI claims via Datamax. In the case of WCA patients, we will also submit your account to the Compensation Commissioner’s office on your behalf, provided you bring along all the necessary documentation completed by your employer and treating physician. Rates charged are MEDICAL AID RATES and IOD rates for occupational injuries. We are open between 7.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Fisio Website Info-4We have lots of info on the site, including details on the most commonly treated injuries, hints and tips on injury prevention as well as info on common aches and pains. Please browse, but remember – consult a medical professional for thorough assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Contact us!

Jacoline Scott Physiotherapists Inc. 016 976 2850 / 016 976 5850 / 0845213335

11 N.J. van der Merwe Crescent, Sasolburg, 1947


We are open between 7.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.


Rates charged are MEDICAL AID RATES and we will submit your account electronically to your medical aid on your behalf, should they accept electronic claims (EDI). Compensation commissioner tariffs are charged for IOD cases.